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THEPTHEPA Nopparat(テープテーパ ノパラット)THEPTHEPA Nopparat
  • テクノロジー・マネジメント/Technology Management
  • テクノロジー・マネジメント/Technology Management
  • 博士後期
  • 4回生

研究活動Research Activities

研究テーマResearch Theme

研究テーマResearch themeKnowledge Process and Learning Organization Development in Science Museums
研究キーワードKey words of researchKnowledge management, Knowledge process, Learning organization, Science museums
研究概要Research outlineThe aim of the research is to explore the relationship between knowledge process activities and the learning organization in order to achieve practical exercise for enhancement of learning organization in science museum contexts.

The study will use a questionniare to survey science museums in Thailand and Singapore to investigate different activities of knowledge process and learning outcome by these activities in level of learning organization.

Resukts of this study will demonstrate the possibility for knowledge intensive organization like science museums in utilizing knowledge process activities to enhance their learning outcome like learning organization. Results could be shared with science museum management or with other knowledge intensive organizations where the study of knowledge management and learning organization is limited.

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    開始年度~終了年度Start year of scholarship/grant ~ End year of scholarship/grant2015年度~2015年度
    奨学金・助成金名称Name of scholarship/research grant国際的研究活動促進研究費

    学外奨学金・研究助成金獲得状況External Scholarships/Research Grants Received

    開始年度~終了年度Start year of scholarship/grant ~ End year of scholarship/grant2015年度~2017年度
    奨学金・助成金名称Name of scholarship/research grantRoyal Thai Government

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