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CHO ChanhyunCHO Chanhyun
  • 国際関係/International Relations
  • 国際関係学/International Relations
  • 研究生/Doctoral Research Student
  • 博士後期
  • 4回生

研究活動Research Activities

研究テーマResearch Theme

研究テーマResearch themeAmerica's Engagement with Northeast Asia's Historical Issues: Re-examination ofIts ROLE
研究キーワードKey words of researchHistorical issues, Norhteast Asia. Cold War. Realist approach
研究概要Research outlineThe main question of this research is: What is it about America’s role in Northeast Asia’s historical conflicts that have hindered the reconciliatory intra-Asian relations? Why the U.S. has not been more forceful in pushing Japan to reconcile with its Asian neighbors, especially during the 1950-60s when perceptions of victimhood were in the process of becoming deep-rooted in Japan? And was it perhaps Cold War politics and the U.S. domestic factors such as not wanting to re-open the issues related to the Tokyo International Tribunal and the atomic bombings? Thus, this research seeks to reveal the outcomes and limits of the U.S.’s efforts with the necessity for its proactive role in resolving the ongoing historical stalemate in Northeast Asia.

    共同研究・プロジェクトJoint Research/Projects

    院生プロジェクト・研究会Graduate Student Projects/Study Groups

    留学・海外研究歴Study Abroad/Overseas Research Experiences

    渡航先(国) 渡航先(都市)Location (country, city)Canada Victoria
    渡航先(機関)Location (institution)Korea University, University of Victoria
    渡航目的PurposeTo receive Master Degree.
    ~渡航終了年月日Start date ~ End date
    2012. 9. 1(平成24年 9月 1日)~2014. 8.31(平成26年 8月31日)

    インターンシップ歴Internship Experiences

    インターンシップ先Internship locationUniversity of Victoria
    開始年月日~終了年月日Start date ~ End date2013. 9.26(平成25年 9月26日)~2013.12.10(平成25年12月10日)
    インターンシップの内容Activities performedTeaching Assistant for Undergraduate Student

    所属学会Affiliated Academic Societies

    所属学会名Affiliated academic societiesThe International Society For Korean Studies

    学内奨学金・研究助成金獲得状況Internal Scholarships/Research Grants Received

    開始年度~終了年度Start year of scholarship/grant ~ End year of scholarship/grant2015年度~2015年度
    奨学金・助成金名称Name of scholarship/research grant国際的研究活動促進研究費

    学外奨学金・研究助成金獲得状況External Scholarships/Research Grants Received

    開始年度~終了年度Start year of scholarship/grant ~ End year of scholarship/grant2015年度~2016年度
    奨学金・助成金名称Name of scholarship/research grantJapan Student Services Organization

    外部資金獲得状況Outside Funding Acquired

    学会・社会における活動Activities in Academic Societies/Social Activities

    学会・社会における活動Outline of activities