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GUZMAN Urbina Alexander(グズマン ウルビナ アレクサンダー)GUZMAN Urbina Alexander
  • テクノロジー・マネジメント/Technology Management
  • テクノロジー・マネジメント/Technology Management
  • 博士後期
  • 3回生

研究活動Research Activities

研究テーマResearch Theme

研究テーマResearch themeRisk Assessment Using Artificial Intelligence Methods
研究キーワードKey words of researchFuzzy Risk, Risk Assessment
研究概要Research outlineI am working in a methodology to evaluate risk using artificial intelligence methods, such as fuzzy logic. Until now I have applied this methodology to assess accidental risk in energy infrastructure, however its application is quite large in the field of risk management.
    研究テーマResearch themeValue Determination of The Safety Investment in Energy Infrstructure
    研究キーワードKey words of researchCBA, Value Measurement
    研究概要Research outlineI am working in a model capable to measure the value added of the intangibles generated from invest in safety of energy infrastructure.
      研究テーマResearch themeBenefit Maximization of Investing in Safety of Energy Infrastructure
      研究キーワードKey words of researchBenefit Analysis, Process Safety
      研究概要Research outlineI am working in a model capable to determine the best combination of safety measures for energy infrastructure in order to maximize the benefits, and at the same time reducing the risk of failure.

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